iReset was started in order to service Apple Laptops and iMac All in One PC’s along with mobile phone and laptop repairs to Nottingham and surrounding counties.  We have quickly become the go to people for Apple EFI Password Removal and FRP, Google and Samsung Account removals.

With the demand for EFI Password Removal Services going up, mainly because of major repairers not willing to commit part of their repair workforce to this endeavour iReset has decided to plug that hole.

Relying on years of in-house knowledge and experience we are able to diagnose and fix most of the laptop computer and mobile phone issues consumers face today, like smashed screens, charging port issues and BIOS password recovery to name just a few.

If that isn’t enough we can repair most brands of laptops at an affordable price even if you are not local to Nottingham.  The ‘free return service’ is something you can’t afford not to take advantage of.

In case you realise one day that you want to remove your forgotten BIOS password we can remove most BIOS Passwords via a master password.  This isn’t the free password generators you can find anywhere online.  Our success rate speaks for itself.  The BIOS Password Removal Service will grant you full access to your computers BIOS and and all its functionality once again.

Have you forgotten that complicated pattern or pin-code you invented for your mobile?  Just so no one could easily guess it, now even you have forgot it .  You now need the services of iReset, where you can buy the service, mail your item to us and it gets returned and suddenly becomes useful again.  

FRP and Google Account Reset Services are performed in-house by us.  Posting your handset to us is a breeze and you get free recorded return postage as well.

All services are done with a quick turnaround time as well so why not try us for size and speed, you wont be disappointed.