We answer your most frequently asked questions prior and post purchase.

In this section we answer the most frequent questions from site visitors making you select the correct service or product.

E.F.I Password Reset Service (Extendable Firmware Interface )

Q – Do i need the EFI Password Reset service?
A – If you turn your Apple computer on and you get a screen with 4 or 6 small boxes, or even one long box with a padlock above it, this is the service you need.
The previous owner has put this on as a security measure in the event their item was lost or stolen. This item will be traceable if put online and needed to be traced by a specific person.

Q – What is the model number of my Apple macbook, Macbook Air etc?
A – Look underneath and you will see some faint grey writing, about 2 lines or so, and in there you will see the letter ‘A’ followed by 4 numbers as your model number.
Alternatively you can send the serial number (also found underneath) via the contact form or email and we can look it up for you.

Q – Is my Admin password the same as EFI password?
A – No, they are both different  but have the same job.  Your Admin password is for your operating system

Q – Will previous data be deleted with this service?
A – Yes, and the OS (Operating System) will have to be re-installed which iReset can do at a reduced rate if used in addition to our EFI Password Reset service.

Q – Can you recover any important data before removing the EFI code?
A – Yes we can but there is an extra charge.  Again, the cost of backing up your data will be less if you choose it as an addition to the EFI Password Removal service.

Q – Do i have to send the entire/whole MacBook or iMac for this service to work?
A – No you don’t  but it is advisable if you are not technically minded, as you will have to reassemble it when we have returned it with the EFI password removed.
You (or a qualified person) can remove the main board (logic board) and pack it securely, then send to us and we will do our magic and return it to you free of charge.

Q – Does anything need to removed or replaced when this service is being performed?
A – No, we only remove the bottom cover to gain access to the main board (logic board) which is why we have such a quick turnaround and reputation for speed.

Q – Does this service also remove the iCloud details as well?
A – Yes, it does so you can then input your details and you are good to go.

Q – Will the code come back once it’s done?
A – Once it’d done no code will come back on it unless you decide that you would like to put one on.

Q – Will this service void my warranty?
A – No, this service does not void your warranty as nothing is physically removed or added.

Q – What is the T2 chip and does my Apple computer have it?
A – The T2 chip installed in Apple computers from 2018 onwards is a new very high level of security (and a lot more functionalty) which closes down the options for people who have stolen a newer Apple product such as Macbook Pro’s, iMac, Mac Mini and even iPhones with the newer version of the Apple macOS or iOS installed.  This is the same for people who have purchased or been given a second user computer or iPhone.

Q – How do i get past the security chip on my Apple device?
A – At this point in time you will need the original purchase receipt and an appointment at the genius bar in order to start that journey to your EFI password Reset.  I say ‘begin the journey’ as Apple are known to make it near impossible even for legitimate owners to get this issue resolved.  It’s even near impossible to get the password for any Apple product with all the correct information and documents for any item, but your welcome to try before you buy our EFI Password Reset Service.

FRP and Google Account Reset Service

Q – What does FRP Mean?
A – FRP means Factory Reset Protection. It is a security measure of the Android OS to help guard your phone or tablet contents against unwanted or unauthorised use.

Q – Do I need the FRP and Google Account Reset Service?
A – If you have an unused or recently purchased used Android smartphone and can’t put your account details on the phone so you can download from the play store etc. because the previous owner has not removed it or given you the password then this is the service for you.  Or even if you have reset your phone and suddenly realised that you can’t remember your password or username.
We can remove those settings and return the handset back to factory default settings so you can put your details in and get full access to the phone and Play store to download or purchase apps as you wish.

Q – Will this service void my phones warranty?
A – No, as the firmware remains the same as when the phone left the factory when new.

Q – Will the code come back reappear once it’s done?
A – No, once it is done you will then put your details in that you will no doubt be more careful with so you don’t have to use this service for the same handset again.

Any questions you still have please use the contact form or email us at sales@ireset.co.uk.